from Kari Garner, MS RDN LD CDCES an experienced Dietitian & Diabetes Educator!

Since your diagnosis of diabetes, have you ever wondered if you were eating correctly?

Unable to schedule a face to face appointment with a Dietitian or Diabetes Educator?

Anxious about whether or not you are choosing the right foods?

This offer is for you- no matter what type of diabetes you have or how long you've had it!

The Diabetes Diet Discovery includes:

  • A Registered Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Education Specialist provides you with:
    • A review of 7-10 days of intake from food journals
    • Feedback from these journals regarding:
      • Carbohydrate, Fat & Protein intake (if intake is balanced & totals for week)
      • Micronutrient Intake (calcium, iron, vitamins etc)
      • Pattern of eating (appropriate vs unorganized)
      • Hydration
  • Calorie, Carb, Fat and Protein intake recommendations (based on your health history questionnaire)
  • Recommendations on diet improvement (based on your completed food journals)

Here's how it works:

  1. Purchase the Diabetes Diet Discovery by clicking below and checking out.
  2. Email the following items to me (These items & detailed instructions will be emailed to you after checkout):
    1. A short health history
    2. Food journals
  3. Allow 48-72 hours after returning completed forms & food journal to receive your diet review and recommendations!